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First of all, you need a domain name, such as Next, you need a place on the Internet where you'll store the information you want to share with the World Wide Web. This web space is placed on a server or a web host. As a web host, we provide 200 MB of web space (without ads or banners), as priced and discussed on our home page. Also, we'll set up the domain name of your choice (if available) and create the website for you. The additional costs would be $20 per year for the domain name and, on average, $20 per page for website design/creation.
The person who maintains your website is called the webmaster. If you so desire, we'll provide this service for you. We'll monitor and maintain your website ... you won't have to touch it, if you don't want to. You can have as little or as much involvement with the updating of your site as you desire. If you're unfamiliar with website creation, but want to learn enough to keep your site updated, we'll help you. This offer, of course, pertains to sites we've created and are hosting for you.
How much will all of this cost?
Prices begin at $120 to set up an average 5-page website with a new domain name ... and then $15 a month to host it with all of the features mentioned on the home page. Pre-pay a year in advance for web hosting, and you'll get a month free. Also, the domain name registration will cost $15 each year that you choose to keep the name.
The webmaster is the one who maintains your website. We provide this service for an additional fee that could be as little as $10 per month, depending on how often your pages need editing. If you desire, we'll help you learn how to maintain your site, and you could save this $10 a month ... or you can keep us as your webmaster. It's your choice. 

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